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We have found that on average, our customers are likely to pay between £40 to £80 for our man and van Plymouth services. This is because we offer great value, believe in total integrity and are very efficient. Just click below to see our customer TESTIMONIALS

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Man and Van Plymouth has moved a few Snooker Tables - We have moved full sized snooker tables, but they are incredibly heavy and delicate pieces of equipment. The last move involved a 12ft by 6ft snooker table with five slates which took four men to lift. In this instance the seller of the snooker table had not fully disclosed the condition of the table and broke one of the slates in preparation for the move. An expensive mistake! In any event the buyer who had requested our man and van services had his own household insurance. Make sure if you have heavy loads to be picked up that you inform us in advance, so we know if we can manage it.

Flat / Small House Removals - We specialise in these type of typical Plymouth man and van removals and are probably the cheapest and most effective option for the small mover, with a limited budget. Last weekend we moved a couple from a one bedroomed flat to a two bedroomed house. The man and van driver arrived at 9.00am and by 11.30am the move was complete. Since we hadn't quite hit the 3 hour mark, the price was adjusted accordingly. The 15m3 capacity of the van can fit an incredible amount of household objects.

Packing and preparation for a move. Given the non-uniformity of shape of most household items, a move can be far easier when our clients have organised packing materials and boxes in advance of the move. This means that we can stack the boxes to fit the van and maximise the capacity, speed and ease of the move. It is also useful if customers contact us in advance about any especially delicate items such as flat screen televisions or glass items so that we can prepare for their packing.

For comparison, to hire the equivalent sized vehicle for a day on a self-drive basis is likely to cost £100, not including any insurance, packing or labour assistance.