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Man Van Plymouth and Traffic.

Plymouth Man and Van

I get incredibly frustrated when driving around Plymouth in my man and van role about the sheer number of traffic lights in the city and the key areas of congestion that just seem to clog up the city.

One of my least favourite Plymouth routes is from Outland Road travelling towards Derriford, where a succession of local traffic planners appear to have completely usurped their responsibility to keep traffic flowing in Plymouth.

I still wonder why these faceless bureaucrats failed to understood that in building large retail units and business parks to either side of the carriageway on the way out to Derriford that they would have a hugely detrimental effect on traffic flow.

Surely the key to making Plymouth's transport infrastructure work is to ensure that the main arteries for traffic ito and out of Plymouth are not blocked. A succession of traffic lights has made that route one of the worst in the city at certain times of the day.

It is not just the everyday traveller who was forgotten by these transport goons. It seems that they also forgot about the growth of hospital provision at Derriford and ease of access for a flotilla of ambulances, that they now have to retro-correct and in so doing…. create more congestion.

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