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I get lots of enquiries from individuals looking to dispose of bulky items who are generally unaware of their duty of care and the fact that once a commercial organisation handles their waste, their waste enters the commercial channel and basically cannot then enter municipal sites.

I am an EA approved waste carrier and broker, but don't really advertise this service because it is generally a very expensive route for most of my mostly non-commercial customers to go. I don't see the point in offering an expensive commercial service when the council currently offer bulky waste collection at a fraction of what I or any other local company would charge.

In some instances where the householder is receiving certain benefits, they are entitled to a couple of free bulky waste collections a year. However, the problem with the council run scheme can be the fact that they require the bulky items to be accessible, i.e. they won't collect them from inside a property. Health & Safety issues I suppose, probably revolving around risk assessments or something.

However, it is well worth getting your bulky waste outside for the council to collect because their charge of 15 / 20 is significantly cheaper than the 60 - 80 that your local man and van service is likely to charge you as a minimum.

But why do they charge this? Well they will charge 25 plus per hour for their man and van services and then add a premium on to the price that the commercial waste site is charging them to dispose of your property. In effect they are charging you twice for the service. A truly ethical man and van service would not mark-up the disposal costs at all, since they should be making their money on providing their labout and their vehicle.

Given the current perilous state of the economy and an impending general election together with looming government expenditure cuts, one wonders what will happen to the bulky waste collection service currently provided by Plymouth City Council. Next year will see landfill tax of 48 per tonne and this rate will increase by 8 per until 2013 when it will hit 72 per tonne. This is a waste time bomb.

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