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We have found that on average, our customers are likely to pay between £25 to £50 for our man and van Plymouth services. This is because we offer great value, believe in total integrity and are very efficient. Just click below to see our customer TESTIMONIALS

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Man Van Plymouth, a flavour of our most recent Man and Van jobs.

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Exeter job in the morning and then to for a previous client in Kingstamerton, , moving to a new property in St. Judes, having bought a new house.

Bit of a messy job in Ivybridge, nr , a couple of hours moving some rubbish and debris from a flat to another property in Ivybridge.

All day trip to Bedford today. House move from St. Judes, . Since it was an all day job, charged 350.

Busy day today, starting with a regular client and a move from West Park, to Ham, , followed by a different type of job, collecting chairs and tables from a site in Royal William Yard, and delivering them to the Museum at North Hill, . The day was finished with a repeat job for a customer, collecting a 3 piece suite from Eggbuckland, and delivering it to the Hoe, . Unfortunately, it didn't quite fit when we eventually got it up the stairs. Oops!

Sunday job moving a student from a property in St Judes, to the family home in Torpoint, Cornwall. It was pretty straightforward job as there was help both ends, so charged 25.

Straightforward morning job, moving a couple of sofas from the rear of the Embankment, to a property at the front. Took 1 hour so charged 25.

Early start in Exeter today for a very simple and quick move within Exeter. Then travelled to North Hill, for a job for a regular client, moving when of their customers to Eggbuckland . Shifted lots of gear and took two trips and 4 hours, so charged 100.

Very simple job today moving a very organised couple from a top floor apartment in Glenholt, to a new apartment in Beacon Park, , although I did have some stairs to climb. Straightforward job so 25.

Returned to the Wembury, near job today to finish off the move. Fairly straightforward, albeit with a few large items. Charged for 8 hours work. 200

Last minute evening job moving a sofa and some units from St. Budeaux, to Devonport, . Straightforward job so charged 25.

Removal Plymouth - Return job for a client based in North Hill, to move her possessions from a shared flat to a shared house in Stoke, . Job took one and a half hours so charged 40.

Moved some furniture from Lower Ham, to Milehouse, . Very straightforward job so charged 25.

Big job in Wembury, today, house move into with a substantial amount of expensive furniture. Worked for 6 hours for the client before having to leave for another pre-arranged job. Organised to come back the next day to finish the move.

Picked up some computer equipment from Estover, , for a major energy provider and delivered it to there premises in Manadon, . Couple of hours, so charged 50.

Moved a three piece suite from Beacon Park, to North Prospect, for a regular customer . Straightforward job, so charged 25. Then went to look at a job at Wembury, , for Thursday this week.

Repeat customer from Liskeard, Cornwall, moving some plant pots to Kelly Bray, Cornwall , followed by early evening job moving a customer from Compton, to South Brent.

Friday job picking up 2 sofas and a table and chairs from Oreston, , moving to Plymstock.

Helped move some furniture from a small flat in Exeter to a residential home in Exeter, followed by a sofa pick up from a property in Derriford, , which I then transported to Launceston, Cornwall, followed by a collection from Devonport, , which I transported to Barne Barton,

Moved some sofa's from Mainstone, to Derriford, .

A very quiet weekend

Moved a lovely lady from a house in Staddiscombe, to a flat in St. Judes, .

Interesting job in Stoke, moving from a full apartment to a three bedroom property in Eggbuckland, , followed in the afternoon by a move involving stored items at a site to the rear of Union Street, going to Plymstock.

Solitary job on Wednesday moving a householder from Millbrook, Cornwall to Torpoint, Cornwall.

No Monday work, but Tuesday evening saw a move of furniturr from Ivybridge to Meavy, near , followed by a flat move from the rear of the University moving to The Embankment, .

Busy weekend commenced with a house move from Liskeard, Cornwall to Kelly Bray, Cornwall, followed by a complicated wardrobe pick-up from Woolwell, for delivery to Crapstone, near Yeleverton, which involved a degree of dismantling and re-assembly, followed by a flat move from Whitleigh, and an evening student move from Mutley, .

an and Van Plymouth - House move from Saltash, Cornwall to Landulph, Cornwall, followed by a last minute cancelled job at Marjons, , followed by a large house move from Ivybridge.

Really interesting job in Southway,

, moving to Ford, , followed by student move from Mutley, to Keynsham, Somerset.

Big Tuesday house move including, rats, lizards the lot. Incredible amount of bits and pieces, very hot and sweaty. From Stoke, to Ford, .

Empty weekend would you believe?

Friday madness as per normal with a student move around Mutley, , a house move in Whitleigh, , a large house move from St Budeaux, to Plymstock, followed by another job in Mutley,

Early morning student move from St Judes, to Pennycomequick , followed by an afternoon of quiet contemplation.

Another University move today, taking a student from the halls to a new flat in St Judes, , followed by a sofa collection from Crapstone to Bodmin, Cornwall.

Busy day, pretty much revolving around Mutley, and involving moves to other flats in Mutley, , Stoke, and North Road West, .

Very early weekend start moving a medic from Royal William Yard, to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Exeter, followed fortuitously by a simple job collecting a child's bed in Exeter and finishing with a house move from Mutley, to Cardiff.

Massive day with 8 hour move from The Hoe, to Oreston, , followed by student move from Mutley, to North Hill, , followed by furnished house move from Ivybridge to Yealmpton and completed by a repeat job moving a customer back from Derriford, to Crownhill, .

House move from Crownhill, to Derriford,

New week and a new move from a flat on The Hoe, travelling to Totnes.

This is followed by a house move from Fort Austin, .

Weekend see another move from Peverell, to Pennycross,

Quiet week completed with house move from Stoke,

New week, new work and start with a move from Milehouse, to North Prospect, and finishing with a move from Hyde park, to Pennycross,

Weekend work commenced with a sofa pick-up from Horrabridge, near Tavistock going to Milehouse, followed by a repeat customer moving from Stonehouse, and finishing with a customer moving flat from Derriford, .

Man with Van Plymouth - Lots of evening work today, first from Grenville Road, to Ernesettle, then from St. Budeaux, to Kings Tamerton, and finally dropped off some boxes to a client in Manadon, who is moving to Stoke, next week.

Moved a friend today from Calstock, Cornwall to Whitchurch, near Tavistock

Mad day today! Moved a house from Ivybridge, to Totnes, Devon for 75 with an absolutely rammo van. Then went to a job in Exeter, Devon moving the contents of the ladies back yard to some lovely new National Trust accommodation in Knighthayes, near Tiverton charging 50 before finally coming back into and moving a couple from the rear of North Hill, to Exeter, Devon for 75. Everyone seemed very happy!

Straightforward move from Compton, to Tamerton Foliot, for a very organised couple of movers and their dogs. Charged 25

Moved a chap from a large, newish block of flats on Exeter Street, to a new house to the rear of Mutley Plain, . Another three hours work so charged 75 and he tipped me a tenner! Top drawer!

School job today, collecting and shifting some chairs / tables from West Park, and moving them to Honicknowle, > Had some help from other parents. Charged them 75 for three hours work.

A re-arranged job moving the contents of a flat from Torpoint Ferry, to a lovely new house in Exeter. Lots of stuff that needed to be carefully packed, but with the assitance of the householder was fairly straight forward. Charged 75, bust customer insisted on paying 90! Fabulous!

Last minute call from a chap who was moving from a flat on the Hoe, to a flat in Devonport, . It was a last minute call, but I had last minute availability which was cool for both of us. Simple job so charged him 25.

Moved a lady from Laira, to Laira, . In fact it was just down the road, but one of those first floor properties with very narrow stairs. Charged 25.

Big job today moving a client from a house in Stoke, to a property in the City Centre . They had a huge amount of stuff, but also thanhfully, a couple of silent helpers who just got on with the lifting and shifting. Charged them 50.

Another repeat customer job, this time moving stuff from a self storage crate in Lee Mill, near and moving it back to his house in Stoke, .and then tranported a motorbike over to Torpoint, Cornwall. Charged him 50.

Did a job for a lovely lady who had bought a sofa on Ebay from a chap in Launceston, Cornwalland needed it transported back to her home in Crapstone, near . She said that she struggled to find someone to transport big items in Devon and Cornwall. I charges her 25, but must look into Ebay man and van.

Repeat customer job today completing her move from North Road West, to Derriford, . The customer was incredibly organised, which made the job simple and quick. Charged 25.

Big job today moving from the contents of a house from Stoke, to a nice bijou bungalow out in the country in Lanreath, Cornwall. Lovely people whom I wish all the best to. Charged 75.

Doddle of a job today, picked up a bed from one modern block of flats on the Barbican, and moved it to another modern block of flats on Sutton Marina, . Quick 30 minute job and lovely views charged 25. Real nice guy.

Couple of jobs today, first moved a couple fromBeacon Park, to Leigham, . Quick job, so charged 25 then went to an old client from the Barbican, and moved som small bits for them 15

Moved a customer from Devonport, to Keyham, and charged them 40.

Second day of long distance moving, shifting a student from city centre, to Bedford This journey proved a long one, started at 8am and got back home at 11pm! Charged customer 300 which they were obviously delighted with!

Removals Plymouth - Long distance move today, moving someone from Manadon, to Kettering. Started at 8am and got back to about 9pm. Charged her 250 for the move, which was a bargain price, but it also proved good experience. I'm not sure whether I prefer the local jobs more!

Moved a student from city centre, to North Hill, . Fairly straightforward, apart from poor access and the fact that the flat she was moving to was on the top floor! Charged 50 .

Big move today from Union Street, to Postbridge. Lots of stuff to move and a fair old distance. I also needed to bring in some help to shift everything. Three hours work so charged 75.

Three jobs today. The frist was a move from Princerock, to a property a couple of streets away for a disabled lady. Got someone in to give me hand, but still only charged 25. Next job involved moving a student from North Road East, to Mutley, . He didn't have too much stuff so did it comfortably within the hour and charged him 25. Final job involved moving a family from a large flat in Devonport, to a house in Ernesettle, . Took a few hours, so charged them 50.

Man and Van Plymouth - Couple of jobs today. The first involved moving some students from North Hill, and moving them to Union Street, and picking up a few electrical items from the local charity shop, whilst the second involved moving students from city centre, and moving them to a flat in Greenbank, . Fairly straightforward moves so charged 25 for each move.

Quick move today, taking a couple from the Barbican, to the Hoe, Very simple move because the couple were extremely organised and helpful. 25

Shifted a piano today from St Budeaux, to Lipson, . Piano's are very, very heavy and very difficult to move upstairs, so we shifted the piano only to find that physically itr wouldn't go where the customer wanted it to. I think they'll probably sell it again on Ebay! 30 job.

Full day trip today, travelled to Bath early to pick up a student who was moving back to her property in Plympton. Took approx. two and a half hours to get there and then another forty minutes loading before setting off back to . Unloading was very straightforward and was off home by 2pm. She had gotten a variety of quote, most in the 250 - 350 bracket. That seems huge money! I charged 150 and she gave me a 20 tip. Top drawer!

Nice early morning move, couple looking to move a fridge/freezer and a large range oven from Plymstock to Peverell, and then take a fridge freezer from the Peverell Property to Tamerton Foliot, . Simple job, took an hour so charged 25.

Man and Van Plymouth - Quick move today as a couple wanted to shift a few large items from a flat in Stoke, to a house in Plymstock, . They had got a few quotes from Google, but the lowest comparable price was 40-50 fixed charge, which is ridiculous for a simple lift and shift job! Our charge of 25 was much more realistic and they seemed delighted with the service.

Moved a couple from a flat in Stuart Road, to a house in the same road, but a bit further down. Had quite a lot to move and although there were four of us doing the shifting, it still took 2 and a bit hours, simply because we couldn't park close to the house. Charged them 60 and potentially got some extra work in July from the friend who was helping and from the customer who would have some more stuff to move later in the year.

Removals Plymouth - Simple job moving some students from Tothill Road, to North Road East, . Minimal amount of stuff, just lots of boxes, took approx. 30 minutes, so charged them 25.

Quite a quiet week this week, got a last minute call today for a couple who were moving from North Hill, to Durnford Street, . Nice couple, art students who were going to hire a van, but couldn't find their driving paperwork. Simple hour job, so charged them 25 and they gave me 40! Fantastic

Did an interesting job today for a guy who was moving flat from a pretty grotty one on St Levan's Road, and moving to a top flat on the Barbican, . The problem with the Barbican of course is that the parking is atrocious, so we had to park a fair distance away and man handle most of the guy's stuff. Took us about 2 and a half hours, so I charged the guy 70 and he tipped me a tenner!

Another repeat job from a customer who wanted a sofa and a cupboard picked up from Mannamead, and shifted back to his place in St. Judes, . 25.

Last minute booking from a couple who were moving flat from Whitleigh, to North Road West, .I had finished the previous job early so shot over to their place to move their stuff. They needed a bed dismantling, but didn't have any allenkeys, so I took my own set over and dismantled it for them. Nice couple and pretty nice flat. took about 1 hour 20 minutes in total so charged them 30.

Man with Van Plymouth - Another repeat job for a customer who needed a sofa picking up from a store to the rear of the Barbican, and tranpsorted back to her property in St. Judes, . It was literally a 20 minute job and whilst she offered to pay me 20, I said it was too much, so we settled on 14.50. It was a fair price!

Repeat business for a previous customer in Kings Tamerton, who needed some more of his personal belongings moved into storage, 25.

Job in Durnford Street, shifting a customer's personal belongings into a lovely flat in St. Judes, . Nice guy, lovely flat 25.

Did a quick job for a guy in Widewell, who wanted a three piece suite moved a mile down the road to his work premises for storage. It was literally a 20-30 minute job, so I charged the chap 10. He was as happy as Larry and gave me an excellent reference on Google and in the process someone else in his office booked me for another three hour job! Superb.

Took a job for Tavistock. Nice guy moving from a two bed to a three bed house. He told me that he had gotten a quote from a local business who quoted unseen 350 for the move!!! Took me a couple of hours which cost him 50!!! Good guy gave me a 20 tip. So it is official that ManVan can save you up to 300 on a typical small house move. I can't quite work out what these businesses are actually charging for. In a recession it is an absolute disgrace. Great for them, poor for the customer

Later on travelled to the back of North Road East, for a ground floor flat move. The customer had a huge vinyl record collection that needed extra care and no stacking. Moved customer to St. Judes, and it cost him 25. He was happy and since he was looking to buy some more furniture, said he would call me back later on in the week.

Small flat move from Stoke village, to St Judes, via the Barbican. Interesting job this one, almost broke my ankle jumping off of the van. Nice People 50

Removals Plymouth - Busy day, started moving some office equipment from Mutley, to Efford, 25, then picked up a job with a dentist, who was looking to move some possessions in a container in Saltash to a cheaper container in HarrowBarrow, Cornwall 75 and then helped a friend pick up a bunk bed / wardrobe from Ivybridge and deliver it to Stoke, before helping with an office move from Cattedown, to Plymstock. Needed two men for this job so charged 120 for the three hours.

Saturday was quite a busy day25 flat move from Hyde Park, to St. Judes, , followed by some furniture moving from Plymstock to the back of Hyde Park, 25 and the day was finished off with a house move from Ermington to Holbeton, again for 25

Bank Holiday Monday flat move from Devonport, to Barbican, . The problem with the Barbican, as most of is parking, so on a constant look-out for a traffic warden. This job was a bit of a nightmare, lots of stuff, roasting bank holiday Monday, parked miles from the property and three flights of stairs. 75

Small house move, moving some items from Kingstamerton, to storage depot at the Parkway industrial estate, 25.

Small flat move from Ebrington Street (3rd floor), to Peverell, 50-75

Saturday ManVan move from Milehouse, through to Thornbury, shifting a sofa and TV stand. 25 job and client loved my website!

Sunday trip to Bristol. Small flat move, end of studies in so ManVan was able to transport the customer to Bristol for 75.

Removals Plymouth - Saturday Flat move in . Small 1 bedroom flat in North Hill, , moving to St Budeaux, . Fairly straightforward took approx two and a half hours and just one trip 70 and the customer was delighted.

Day trip to Hythe (near Southampton) to pick up a full size championship snooker table that a client had mistakenly bought on Ebay. He thought that he was bidding on a pool table. 5 slates, six foot by two and a half feet and two inches thick. Not , but definitely a man and van job. Took four of us to shift the slates and when we got back to , the table was too big for the room! 180 and the customer bought dinner

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