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We have found that on average, our customers are likely to pay between £25 to £50 for our man and van Plymouth services. This is because we offer great value, believe in total integrity and are very efficient. Just click below to see our customer TESTIMONIALS

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Rubbish and Waste Collection in Plymouth.

ManVan Plymouth is a registered waste carrier, but in most cases it is far simpler for the customer to contact their local authority to collect bulky items. Why is this?

It is because, by hiring someone like ManVan Plymouth, you are probably going to end up paying more money. First we will charge you an hourly rate for collecting and transporting the waste, then you will be charged a commercial rate for disposal of the items at a third party disposal site. This will almost definitely prove more expensive than getting someone like Plymouth City Council to collect. As an example, Sita quoted me 80 for disposal of some furniture at their Smithaleigh site, which appeared to be a minimum cost and you would then have to pay collection and transport costs on top of this! Potentially 105 as a minimum!!!

Plymouth City Council offer their own chargeable Bulky waste collection service Their current charges are: 15 for up to 3 large items 30 for up to 6 large items Some items will be priced as two items due to their size and weight, for example, double cookers, agas or extra long ladders. Contact them for more details. They also collect other items which will be priced on request.

Free bulky waste collections If you receive any of the following benefits, you are entitled to two free collections in a 12 month period: income support, housing benefit, council tax benefit, pension credits

Plymouth City Council will collect fridges and freezers, furniture, mattresses, electrical items and up to six black bags of household rubbish for 15. Their terms of collection are that all items must be able to be carried by two able bodied people, one carpet must be manageable by two people, or cut into manageable pieces, rolled and tied carpet does not include underlay, this is a separate item, items should not be filled with other rubbish, items for collection must be easy to get to, outside and at one point on the property

What won't they collect? Paint, car parts and tyres, chemicals, asbestos, building or DIY waste, any items that cannot be carried by two people, any commercial equipment, garden waste - you may qualify for their free garden waste collection service.

You can book a Plymouth City Council bulky watse collection by contacting the Waste Enquiry Line on 01752 668000.

Also the Resettlement Agency will take free of charge and furniture that is in good condition. You can contact them on 01752 217046.