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Plymouth Postcode Rates


We have found that on average, our customers are likely to pay between £40 to £80 for our man and van Plymouth services. This is because we offer great value, believe in total integrity and are very efficient. Just click below to see our customer TESTIMONIALS

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Pricing at Man and Van Plymouth - When £40 an hour means £40 an Hour.

Plymouth Man and Van

I entered this marketplace in 2009 at £25 per hour. 14 years later prices are now £40 per hour! Clear, straightforward, unambiguous.

Man Van Plymouth charges £40 per hour. This price is for 1 man and a van.

*UPDATE* 7/11/22

But it seems after a few years doing this job that this needs further clarification.
For clarity, I always charge for the first hour. So if you want me for 30 minutes it will still be £40. Think of it as a mobilisation fee!

In addition, after the first hour, I work on a pro rata basis. That means, if I work 1 hour and 15 minutes, you get charged for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Simples. Now these rates apply to jobs within a 5 mile radius of Plymouth. There will be no extra charges. I count Ivybridge, Saltash, Yelverton and Plymstock as falling within the standard pricing range.

If you want me to take on long distance work then I will charge fuel on top of that price and I always charge from arriving at the job to returning to Plymouth. As a quick guidance, if you wanted one man to load a van and travel from Plymouth to Exeter and it took 1 hour to load and 1 hour to unload, I would charge as follows,

Loading 2 hours @ £80
Travel 2 Hours @ £80
Fuel at cost approx £30.
Total Cost £190

If you want an additional man on the job it will cost £60 an hour for two men

So beware of those companies offering ,

Prices Start at just £25???.

Catches the eye doesn't it?

But like those great holiday offers unfortunately that deal is rarely available in the real world. Your job will no doubt be one of those that only seems to start from £40, £50 or £70..

With ManVan Plymouth £40 an hour is the price. You might want to negotiate downwards, but I'll never try to negotiate upwards!

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